The right time to train your child to use the toilet

Each child has the different development, that’s including the child’s ability to start the toilet training. Generally, a child going trough the toilet training when he or she is 1 and a half years old, however, most of the children are ready at the 10 years 10 months old up to 2 years 6 months old. Most of the children have been able to use the toilet perfectly at the age of 3. In order to find out whether a child is ready to take the toilet training or not, the famous urologist in bangalore suggests you check the physical and emotional readiness of the child.

The physical sign of a child who’s ready to take the toilet training is when he or she is capable of holding his or her urge to urinate or defecate. This is rare to happen to the kids younger than 1 years 6 months old. You can find out this physical condition if :

1. The child shows the expression when he or she’s holding the poop or the urine.

2. The diapers are dry when he or she wakes up or after two hours of use.

3. He or she doesn’t poop in the diapers during the night.

4. The defecation is always happened at the same time every single day or at the unpredictable times.

5. The child is able to take off and wear the clothes and also capable of communicating with you about using the toilet.

Here are the signs of emotional readiness when a child is ready to take the toilet training :

1. The child will tell you if his or her diapers is dirty and asks for the new one.

2. The child prefers to wear an underwear instead of diapers.

3. Shows his or her interest when you’re using the toilet.

4. The child tells you when he or she needs to urinate or defecate.

5. The child is excited when he or she is going trough the toilet training.

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