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Drugs can Cause Liver Dysfunction

Do not ever you try to use drugs and illegal drugs because it would be very harmful to your body and your life. But if you’ve already entered into the world of drugs, you should immediately conduct rehabilitation to rid yourself of the drugs. For those of you who live in California, visit us at Kool Living Recovery Center and follow the California drug rehab program which we offer. Free yourself from drugs, and be a better person.

Did you know that using drugs can cause liver dysfunction? Using illicit drug, marijuana can also cause stinging or burning feeling in the mouth and throat. Especially if the drugs are taken by mouth, liver or liver will process it quickly. This will cause the dangers of drugs liver function be damaged if the drug consumed in excess. Risks such as liver dysfunction or malfunction can occur in those who use drugs in the long term.

In addition, excessive use of drugs can also damage the immune system in the body. Some studies suggest the effects of hazardous chemical compounds harmful drugs to the body’s immune system. By taking drugs, users will be more easily hurt. Not rare that drug users have more lean body so tall and slender like malnutrition. For drug users injecting type will generally experience a disorder associated with the skin. The most common are skin disorders like infections of the skin. Skin irritation usually occurs in people who use drugs and can be seen from the former bruising at the hands due to the injection of the drug.

So, why you need to rehab? By doing rehabilitation, the mental and spiritual health patients will be considered. They will be taught to control emotions and how to cope with stress. Thus, the addict will be healthier.