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Steps to Embalm the Artery of a Corpse

Embalming is acceptable in Buddhism. It is why the embalming process is included as one of the buddhist funeral services singapore. In the embalming process, each part of the body of the corpse requires a different kind of procedures, so does the artery part of the body. So, here are the steps to embalm the artery part of a corpse.

The first step requires the embalmer to select the incision area. The artery is embalmed by inserting a liquid balsam or a blend of formaldehyde, water and other chemicals simultaneously into the arteries as blood from the vein nearest to or from the heart. It uses about two gallons of liquid to embalm one’s body. For a corpse of a male, the incision is put near the centre of the sternocleidomastoid the clavicle and muscle. In women or people who are younger, the femoral area is the most popular.

After that, the embalmer needs to make an incision. Clean point veins, create driveways, and enter the pipe or drain hose toward the heart. After that, make a tie on a ligature round the bottom side of the hose. Then, perform the same thing for the arteries, except for inserting a cannula instead of the drain hose. Put the forceps on the arterial cannula, a cannula locks in place. Use forceps to clamp the small lock or clamp on the arterial side as well as to restrict the flow.

Then, the embalmer turns on the machine and circulates the fluid for the embalming process. While the embalming process is underway, the bodies wash with antibacterial soap and make sure to check the flow of fluids while massaging the muscles to push blood out and encourage entry balsam solution.
The next is to reduce pressure slowly. When the liquid balsam remaining approximately 20%, turn off the engine and turn it over to the other side of the artery cannula were you the injection. This is to embalm the section that was closed by the cannula. Be sure to lower the pressure, because the fluid is running low, and you certainly do not want to neglect. Then it is done.

When the embalmer is done with the embalming process, or fluid runs out, switch off the engine, remove the cannula, and connective veins and arteries that you use. Sewing closed the incision that you create. Use powdered sealing to ensure no leakage.