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Is herbal incense good for kids?

Children are very susceptible to disease if it is in a place that is not clean including smoke-filled place. If we often use incense, we better keep incense smoke out of the reach of children because the incense smoke is not good for their health. If we buy herbal incense, we can not show it to our children because it can be misused. They do not know how to use it and they could eat incense.

If we do look at the characteristics of asthma or acute respiratory infections, we need to stop burning incense at home because it can aggravate the pain on our children. If we still want to use incense, the better we look for another place far away from crowded places such as on hills or near the river because it would not be dangerous to others. So, we have to be careful when burning incense because the smoke can endanger the lives of people we care about.