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The idea of great gatsby costume

For fans of the novel, you must know about the famous novel Great Gatsby is a favorite of many people in the early 19th century. Yes, the novel is a picture of the behavior of the rich at that time and their habits. Normally, we can only imagine the visual form of the novel but of the novel Great Gatsby, we will understand with ease without having to create a visual form. In 2013, a producer making a film with the same title as the novel and the same story too. One of the most well-liked on the film Great Gatsby is the costume because it was awarded the Oscar for best costume in the following year. This makes had the idea to create a clothing store that sells all kinds of costume shown on the film Great Gatsby. These costumes represent the desire of the lovers of film and novel of the Great Gatsby to participate in the story.

There are different types of costume party that we can try. Costume women may be more varied as fashion items in 1920 are already modern and have a good taste. It became a good judgment for today’s society, especially a lot of people happy with the retro theme for costumes. All costumes are supplied has been adapted to film and novel. shop owners also have to pay the royalty to the designer who makes clothes theme in the film Great Gatsby because it is the result of her work. So, we do not have to worry about copyright violations because the owners have done their best. Perhaps we would feel awkward when first put on great gatsby costume but after a while, we would be comfortable because the materials for the costume came from cotton and fine fabrics. So, we can wear it to the event.